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Quick free SEO tips and tools

Be keen with Keywords

One part of Search Engine Optimization strategy is finding the right keywords for your individual webpages. Commonly individual pages are used to speak to a particular topic and by picking the keywords that accurately describe each page to closely match what your target audience is searching for will greatly enhances your "findability" and your sites ability to apear in first page returned results from a search engine. SEO pros will contentd that even with the addition of automatic webcrawlers and sitemaps, keywords make your site more seo-friendly and significantly help in the scoring of seo results. Luckily we can move from pure guessing of keywords to a more scientific results based review of what keywords will produce the best impact. Here are several tools that are used by SEO professionals and not to be passed up when crafting making your website.

    Top SEO keyword tools

    Google's Keyword Planner

    This service was developed to help advertisers pick high value keywords for their advertising campaigns. As well as give keyword ideas and to see what to expect from your keyword buys would get you in click throughs. I used the service to pickout keywords what had search volumes of 100k-1M per month. Since my website is focusing and targeted to the information security field I'm crafting my strategy around these buzz words. keywords: infosec, vulnerability, optimizer are three I picked from here. It also suggested nessus, metasploit and sql injections which I have not used yet.

    Amazon's Alexa

    Alexa has long been used to show rankings, now it gives several options for delving deeper into keywords. Keyword Opportunities, Keywords by Traffic, Keyword Gaps are some of the keyword features that are free. Since my site didnt generate enough traffic to get a anaylsis I used one of my teachers site's and found several terms I also wanted to incorporate into my keywords. Although much of my content currently doesnt focus on these keywords the subject matter of the site caters to those who also are familiar with these keywords. keywords: proxy, wireshark

Never forget about the meta-decriptions

What are meta-descriptions? To take it out of technical speak, meta-descriptions translate into the small blub below the returned result that are used to describe the webpage. Google limits this return to about 160 characters and mobile shows approximately 120 characters. So making this blub short sweet and distinct can significantly boost your click through rates. Forgetting to add this small piece of code to your webpage can leave the "searcher" questioning if your site is legitimate and or even relevant. Some professionals call these "snippets"

    Mega cool meta-descripton optimizer

    SEOMofo's SERP

    This tool will display a replica of what a google search result would produce. Visually this will be good for manangement and marketers to see the impact of the meta-descriptions. The free online tools around description autogenerating and analysis are a bit more lackluster vs the indepth keyword analysis many provide. Almost all of the tools I've found simply output the display of the result and help trim content down to fit in the maximum recommended length of a meta-description