Email your Calendar

Never miss another event

Have you ever missed a calendar event? 2018 was a Calendar boom for me. I found myself jumping between multiple work and personal calendars each day. As I got busier through the year, I ended up missing an event once or twice a week. So I’ve decided a early morning email of all my daily events would be nice way to get organized, and using google scripts was a easy way to automate the process. Through google’s script app you can access their service’s apis (gmail, calendar, docs, sheets, you get the picture). Playing around with the script app is quite simple, google even has code completion for their api functions and you can use simple JS syntax for your scripts. Script app has much more advanced features like deploying as a web app or api executable and registering into the chrome web store, I’m really doing their project no service as there are a ton of other features. What makes the script app even more powerful is the trigger system that is used to schedule and run your code on their platform, can you say..“server-less” — thats so 2018. It just takes a few clicks and the setup takes about 1 minute. You’ll be all set to get your daily calendar events sent to your gmail. Here’s how you can use my script to get going.

Open and run the script (You can also make a copy of the script and customize your own functions) https://script.google.com/d/1b3qhSGjPeuAvapOcblULTs41lHKxTJnh6-oTbqjRDHPhozn5717qz5CR/edit?usp=sharing Run the script and give the necessary authorization permissions to access the calendars. You will get popups for auth that you’re used to when you link to a new service. Here is a link about the auth process, but essentially its a few clicks. https://developers.google.com/apps-script/guides/services/authorization Setup the script to run with a trigger. I chose 1–2 am for my daily email. Click the clock icon in the script app and choose “Day Timer” from the “Select type of time based trigger” drop down or if you get stuck watch this video.