Analytics Report

Google Anayltics site data Nov 8th-Dec 7th 2019 (pdf)

Understanding google analytics and how to interpret its data can bring invaluable knowledge of user-behavior and provide insights on how users are discovering your website. The default reports provided by GA(Google Analytics) give a great base for getting started with Analytics and the more time spent playing with the tool you quickly understand that customizing reports to fit your business needs will result in a richer analysis of your data. But understanding how to breakdown the default report provides a solid base for understanding GA and what the collected data means to a site. Here we will focus on 1 months review of data, from November 8th through December 7th 2019 of (this site). You can see that through the 30 day period I was able to generate traffic from 4 channels, Direct, Social, Organic Search and Referral. Drilling down on the channels from bottom to the top we can learn a bit more about where the users originated from and what sort of interactions they had with the website. The least generate traffic came from referrals. Drilling into the data if you click the referrals channel in the analytics screen you can see the user arrived from the instructure site where the group posted their urls. The organic search also generate a hit, meaning a user clicked through a search result from a search engine. The next channel was social, which had 4 new users. Social media posts are a quick way to self-promote and generate traffic for cheap. Without paying, advertisers can tweet a link to the site or create a facebook post referencing the site. During the month period, I posted a link to a quick blog article I wrote. The session time for this channel is much longer than others and can most likely be associated with users taking the time to read my site and to also discover the other pages. The channel generated the most page views per session. Lastly is direct channel, where users arrive by simply typing in my name into the url. Site traffic from this channel for the period is a bit unreliable as I was testing the site through the period and can attribute most of the traffic to myself.

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